Cap.11 Lucru cu predicate de comparatie si query-uri grupate

March 19, 2010

1) Clauza BETWEEN

2) Operatorii IN si NOT IN intr-o clauza where

3) Operatorul LIKE

4) Operatorul ALL, SOME si ANY exemple:

5) Predicatul UNIQUE:

6) Predicatul OVERLAPS:

7) Restrictii pt.grouped queries

8) Clauza GROUP BY:

9) Clauzele ORDER BY si GROUP BY:

10 ) Clauza COMPUTE de calcul a rezultatelor in aceeasi tabela pe coloane separate

11) Clauzele COMPUTE si COMPUTE BY:

12) Clauza GROUP BY – cum trateaza valorile NULL:

13) Clauza HAVING grouped queries:

14) Diferenta clauzele WHERE si HAVING:

15) Clauza HAVING cum trateaza un rezultat NULL (valorile NULL in clauza HAVING):


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